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The electrical grid needs to be “hardened” as a vital priority, preferably with a “Green” technology.

Clean Communications using Existing Power Grids

and Mitigating EMP Risk

The American electrical grids and other grids are vulnerable to geomagnetic storms generated by solar activity, electromagnetic pulses produced by high altitude nuclear detonations (known as EMP or HEMP), cyberattack, and kinetic (physical) attack.


America does not have a reliable messaging system for emergency broadcasts, that is not filtered through media bias or political agendas.


Nor do we have an adequate broadband capacity to support online schooling or work in most, if not all areas.


Should the pandemic revisit us or when a new one comes, which is only a matter of time, we must have a robust communications and power service on all fronts.


While 5G has its benefits, it has an ongoing heated debate as to its potential health risks to humans and the environment. Besides its logistical issues, it is predominantly owned by China and made with foreign-made parts.


Dirty Power from unstable frequency, varying voltage and line degradation also are linked to health and environmental issues. GBOI solves all of these problems on a global scale with a single solution.

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A failure of the Grid could create a multi-year shutdown, as the replacement of the required transformers and other equipment currently has a 3-year lead time.


In testimony before a Congressional Committee, it was asserted that a prolonged collapse of the U.S. electrical grid could result in the death of up to 90% of the American population, due to starvation, disease, and societal collapse. (The full article on this is cited on the website).



If a natural disaster or EMP attack were to happen at the same time as a pandemic, one can only imagine the catastrophic impact. The electrical grid needs to be “hardened” as a vital priority, preferably with a “Green” technology. 


The GBOI solution hardens power grids with booster power generators and special transformers that are EMP proof.

The 100% Clean power output has a stable frequency and voltage, “cleaning” the dirty power and enabling the delivery of safe, cost-effective, high speed, high-definition broadband Internet to every home or business connected to the grid (about 99% of citizens in the U.S.).


This also enables a reliable emergency broadcast system and ample bandwidth to support online schooling and a home-based workforce online if needed. Moreover, as an added benefit, it can transmit where 5G and Wi-Fi cannot. It uses the already existing power grid infrastructure, resulting in a rapid deployment and simple implementation.


It can save money, as it utilizes the same infrastructure for dual purposes, and It can create thousands of good paying, long-term jobs.

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Image by American Public Power Associati


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