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Empower yourself with knowledge and the ability to use it effectively.

What you are about to read may be the most significant financial and business opportunity of our lifetime, as it radically and forever changes our world for the better, both environmentally and financially.

Global Blue Oceans International (GBOI) did not create the Coronavirus nor the resulting financial collapse of world economies as that disease spread. We did not create the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia and other tragic events that took jobs and crushed our industries. We did not create global dependency on China for medical supplies and key industry supply chain essentials. But, we do now have a key and revolutionary solution and program that can help bring those jobs and our economies roaring back in a new way, making all of us energy independent, sustainable, self-sufficient and very prosperous…and most of all, more resilient and less susceptible to much of the destruction we just witnessed.


It’s time for a serious change

Carbon-Free Fuels

Carbon-Free Fuels

First, we have a suite of Carbon-free fuels that we can now mass produce anywhere on the globe from seawater. These fuels can either be blended with each type of fossil fuel respectively or used exclusively as their replacement to completely eliminate harmful emissions. This has the potential to rapidly replace Coal, Shale Oil, Natural Methane Gas and most of Conventional Oil production. This will directly eliminate most, or all of the emissions and other wastes/pollutants created by these industries in the drilling, fracking, refining and distribution of fossil fuels, coal and natural methane gas. And, this can be accomplished globally over the next several years!

Our Carbon-free fuels are not only produced without creating harmful emissions or byproducts, but we are pricing them at par with the fossil fuels they are replacing or blending with respectively.   Their exclusive use (not blended) cleans the air as you use them. This is not about Competition, but rather Cooperative Integration. We are working collaboratively with the energy sector and other industry sectors to utilize the existing infrastructure because these fuels can be distributed right through it without changing things.

You don’t even have to change anything in your engines to use them. They can easily mix with the fossil fuels they are replacing in any ratio; all you have to do is just add them and go Green. Together, we will never let the politicians of foreign countries, like Saudi Arabia or Russia, determine the economic fate of our country (or any other country) ever again over oil and energy.

Second, we also have a suite of technologies that can remediate any form of waste, without creating harmful emissions or harmful byproducts. Their two main byproducts are potable water and green power at municipal level volumes. The power quality is so high and stable that we can “harden” the electrical grid to prevent brownouts, be resilient to natural disaster, EMP or cyberattack, and additionally, enable high speed, high definition broadband communications over the powerlines and more.

Under normal conditions, we knew that transitions of this magnitude in the energy sector would take time and have daunting challenges. But the “Perfect Storm” has happened in 2020, and the wake-up call hit everyone right between the eyes globally, creating an unprecedented opportunity.

This overview is designed to help you understand the immediate situation and how you can position yourself now with GBOI to maximize the benefits of this global transition to Green for your company, your family and friends.

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    Updated May 2020 The Global Perfect Storm of 2020 The Solution: Transition by Cooperative Integration vs. Competition Understanding the World Reserve Currency and the Petro Dollar Suggestion: Take as long as you need to read the next sections, so you fully understand them. This is well worth the time and effort. Why we created Global Blue Oceans International Why should I join GBOI and get involved now? Conclusion Tutorials: This takes you through the sign-up process on our website, step by step, so that you can easily join and begin to maximize your opportunities
Table of Contents
The Global Storm 2020

The Global Perfect Storm of 2020


  1. The Market demand for oil just collapsed, and along with it the price of oil, as the Coronavirus took its global hold and industries shut down. It will take time for global economies to restart and get back to where things were at the end of 2019. Many companies will not survive. Jobs in many industries, including oil, are already gone.

  2. The cost of conventional oil production varies worldwide from $30 to $40 a barrel. Shale oil costs more than conventional oil, with the cost-per-barrel produced ranging from as low as $40 to over $90 a barrel.

    Saudi Arabia and Russia are in a price war and are flooding the world with excess oil, compounding the collapse in demand, and keeping oil prices around $20 per barrel. They are after market share, with high priced U.S. shale production as the primary target. Because Saudi has the lowest cost of production, it can take oil prices down to $10 per barrel for an extended period of time if it chooses.

  3. Oil traders are taking advantage of the cheap oil and filling all of the storage capacity in tankers and tank farms globally. This, along with global economies screeching to a halt and reducing demand, is resulting in an enormous surplus of oil that will potentially keep oil prices low well into 2021, according to experts.

  4. With few exceptions, shale oil production is not profitable below $40 per barrel due to the high costs of hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking. Fracking has other serious problems, such as creating massive water pollution and other harmful environmental effects due to the chemicals used in that process.

    Over the past 3 years, the U.S. has become energy independent and thrived financially, in part due to massive shale oil production. But now, the fracking industry and its jobs are in jeopardy and may be gone for good. GBOI views this as an unexpected opportunity to directly and immediately transition to the production and use of our Carbon-free Fuel, offering to U.S. markets and the rest of the world a low cost, pollution-free solution.


The curtain just got ripped back, resulting in these key takeaways:

Harsh reality for the Oil Industry:

The reality for the Medical Industry: We can never again let ourselves become dependent on one country (China) for manufacturing key drug ingredients and medical supplies. We have to restructure so that our critical medical drugs, as well as our essential supply chain components and equipment are manufactured at home in order to be adequately prepared for the next round of this pandemic or any other.

The reality for Industry and Manufacturing: The vulnerability of entire industries and economies resulting from critical supply chain shortages, due to overreliance on manufacturing of parts primarily from one country (China), revealed the need to restructure each country as self-sufficient as possible with multiple, redundant worldwide sourcing. The products and services offered through GBOI make this possible now.

The reality for the Precious Metals Market: Precious metals used to be a safe haven in times of global unrest. However, the metals markets have been so controlled and manipulated for decades that they function essentially as paper markets with unconstrained paper supply. During the recent plunge in global securities markets, as well as massive government stimulus and debt creation, gold and silver should have risen dramatically in value, instead, they were also manipulated. It is time for real asset-backed alternatives, such as the GBOI Cryptocurrencies.

The reality for the Cryptocurrency Market: During this same global market dislocation, we witnessed the rapid fall of all existing cryptocurrency values, because Bitcoin plunged. Bitcoin was considered a safe haven in times of turmoil; however, because it and the other major cryptos have nothing backing them, the whole cryptocurrency market suffered about a 50% loss in value. GBOI has created a viable solution to counter that predicament.

The reality for Communications and Power Grids. The American electrical grids and other grids are vulnerable to geomagnetic storms generated by solar activity, electromagnetic pulses produced by high altitude nuclear detonations (known as EMP or HEMP), cyberattack, and kinetic (physical) attack. A failure of the Grid could create a multi-year shutdown, as the replacement of the required transformers and other equipment currently has a 3-year lead time. In testimony before a Congressional Committee, it has been asserted that a prolonged collapse of the U.S. electrical grid could result in the death of up to 90% of the American population, due to starvation, disease, and societal collapse. (The full article on this is cited inside the website). If a natural disaster or EMP attack were to happen at the same time as an epidemic, one can only imagine the disastrous results. The electrical grid needs to be “hardened” as a vital priority, preferably with a “Green” technology. GBOI has technologies that provide a solution to these issues and is ready to implement them.

America does not have access to unfiltered, unbiased news. Nor do we have an adequate broadband capacity to all areas where the grid exists. Should the pandemic revisit us or when a new one comes, which is only a matter of time, we must have a robust communications system and power service on all fronts. While 5G has its benefits, it also has serious health and environmental consequences that may not be worth the risks. Besides its logistical issues, it is predominantly owned by China and made with foreign-made parts.

GBOI provides a better alternative, which accomplishes the hardening of the power grid with a new form of 100% Green power and provides a solution to the Communications issues for 99% of the population. It can safely transmit even where 5G and Wi-Fi cannot. More will be announced on this program over the coming weeks. Mostly American-made, it will create thousands of good paying and long-term American jobs.

The reality for the Financial Markets:

  1. The vulnerability of every world financial market to pandemics was just revealed, resulting in most economies shutting down globally. Recovery plans include unprecedented levels of bailouts and stimulus packages, also known as debt.  

  2.  This massive, unprecedented printing of money out-of-thin-air to artificially stimulate and restart markets is resulting in a substantial debasing of currency values. The largest stimulus bills ever passed in U.S. (over 6 trillion so far, which is 1/3 of its GDP) created from nothing the equivalent of over 50 times the entire Bitcoin market. This reduces the buying power of every dollar, and further devalues it and other fiat currencies worldwide that are linked to or hedged by the USD. 

Financial markets, medical and manufacturing
Precious metals markets
medical and manufacturing
The Solution: Transition by Cooperative Integration vs. Competition
High Fives

The Solution: Transition by Cooperative Integration vs. Competition

Global Blue Oceans International (GBOI) is introducing Carbon-free Fuel technology and its related products to the world.  We have designed programs to rapidly and easily integrate this technology into the existing infrastructure, without changing equipment, and as much as possible, utilizing everything and everyone already in place. It is our highest priority to create new and better jobs in a clean and Green economy.  We are seeking Cooperative Integration – instead of Competition – with the energy, communications and financial sectors. Our goal is to facilitate the transition by all parties to sustainability and self-sufficiency (aka, energy and financial independence) safely, swiftly and profitably.

These GBOI programs enable everyone in the world to participate and benefit from the rapid and smooth transition to Green, beginning now. They are designed to facilitate global stabilization instead of destabilization. Our asset-backed Cryptocurrencies enable citizens of every country to hedge and avoid fiat currency vulnerabilities and inequalities. This, in turn, will stimulate economies, create jobs and reduce risk for everyone.

Global Blue Oceans has privately developed a proprietary blockchain and a revolutionary series of asset-backed, revenue-generating Crypto coins and ecosystems that obsolete earlier Cryptocurrencies. They redefine not just the Crypto market. They can also provide a perfect hedge for every financial market worldwide, in both stable and unstable global conditions. These Cryptos provide and augment liquidity without generating price volatility, debt and value losses, which in turn, can also support and stabilize the currency and function of each country.

Why should I join GBOI and get involved now?
Understanding the World Reserve Currency and the Petro Dollar
The dilemma of money exchange in our changing world

Understanding the World Reserve Currency and the Petro Dollar


Our world currently runs on money and oil. The Petro Dollar has dominated the global economic scene for decades, as the foundation of the World’s Reserve Currency. However, this is already in the process of changing. But there is strong resistance to change from the entrenched powers. Many others also fear change, because it always brings the risk of disruption and instability.


The dilemma of money exchange in our changing world

As our global society has become ever more complex, recording transactions has evolved from written ledgers to automated spreadsheets and digital record keeping. Information accuracy, security, instant access, speed and ease of transmission have all become increasingly important.  As large financial transactions became problematic throughout the global banking system, the need for secure, fast, cost-effective money transfer alternatives also increased. People demanded solutions to banking system issues, such as:

  • High money transfer costs

  • High currency exchange fees

  • Transaction time delays

  • Lack of privacy or autonomy

  • Identity theft and security breaches

  • Human errors and corrupted transactions

  • Limited banking hours of operation

  • Bank closures and changes of ownership

  • Currency debasing and manipulation

elephant airplane.jpg

As large financial transactions became problematic globally, a need for alternatives increased.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were originally developed as financial alternatives to avoid all of the above issues.

What are “Blockchain” and “Cryptocurrency”?

What are “Blockchain” and “Cryptocurrency”?

Originally developed in 2008, blockchain is a decentralized digital accounting ledger that is secure and transparent, with complete, immutable transaction verification. It permanently records all types of complex transactions in the most efficient, secure, redundant, and auditable manner. A cryptocurrency (or crypto) is a digital asset designed to work as an Internet-based medium of exchange. Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency that utilized blockchain technology. But, not all blockchains are equal, as you will see.

blockchain-3750157_1920 (1).jpg
crypto challenges

Crypto Challenges

Most people are aware of Bitcoin, which is currently accepted and used by a small percentage of people around the world. Unfortunately, its unchangeable architecture and consensus algorithm require an astonishing amount of energy to verify and record each transaction.

A single Bitcoin transaction has this environmental impact and carbon footprint:


Right now, the Bitcoin market consumes more energy than several smaller countries every single day!


If the world were to fully adopt and use its blockchain, Bitcoin would easily become by far the largest energy consumer of any industry sector. This is obviously not sustainable. For that reason, we created a replacement system that doesn’t require this energy demand and is 100% Green. Bitcoin was originally designed to have its value determined by its popularity and use. The more participants using it for monetary exchange, the more value it gained.

However, that is no longer true. Since no government could directly control Bitcoin, a futures market was created in the US to indirectly control its price. Thus, it became manipulated and susceptible to many of the same banking issues it was designed to solve. 


Indeed, its biggest challenge is its lack of intrinsic value. It has nothing valuable backing it to provide an independent valuation. Therefore, it has high volatility and is subject to manipulation, just like the rest of the cryptos that mimic it. The latter fare even worse, as what happens to Bitcoin typically drags their values along with it.

The other huge issue with Bitcoin


The other huge issue is that as Bitcoin (BTC) increased in popularity and use, its transaction processing time became slower and slower, and the cost of each transaction became much more expensive for the sender. Changing the system to improve this issue was attempted, but ultimately, it required a new blockchain to do it. That has helped, but Bitcoin and its mimics are still highly volatile with nothing to back them.

Everyone should be also be asking the fundamental question: “What is really backing the fiat currencies of all the nations?” The truth is it’s GDP or debt; in other words, nothing really. Just like cryptos, they are backed by nothing but faith and trust in a failing system.

A fundamental change is the only real solution to this dilemma. So, we created our proprietary blockchain and its related digital assets to enable the transition from unbacked cryptos into ours, as well enabling the masses to adopt and use them in commerce. We started with the best concepts of existing cryptos and made them better. Moreover, we are backing our cryptos with real assets and fixed portions of the gross revenue from our Go Green projects around the world. We create stability and maintain value by guaranteeing a significant value increase, coupled with an annual buyback guarantee.

This is giving us an unprecedented advantage within the crypto industry. We are beginning to implement this opportunity with the Maritime Shipping Industry, the Transportation Industry, the Shale Oil and Natural Gas Industries, and several others. Our program truly has the capacity to rapidly expand globally without a downside. Everyone can participate, whether big or small, at any financial level. The more people and companies participate, the quicker and stronger the global transition to Green becomes. In the end, as well as throughout the journey, everyone wins with an increasingly more sustainable environment and self-sufficient future.  

What are Global Blue Oceans Fuel Credits and Coins?
What is a Fuel Credit (FC)?

NOTE: Are you wondering, “What is BOC-1?” Simply put, BOC-1 is the currency code for Blue Oceans Coin series 1. This is just like widely recognized currencies. For example, USD is the code for U.S. Dollars and GBP for Great Britain Pounds. In the same way, every cryptocurrency has its own code. Similarly, BPC is the currency code for the Blue Planet Coin.

These GBOI assets are designed to work with and facilitate specific market needs and functions. Each has its unique set of benefits that compliments each other. Using them together will maximize the benefits from our programs.

These assets are not just for fuel purchases. They are designed to be used for any transaction you can think of. You can use these assets internally to buy over 15,000 items on our online Blue Oceans Store, and eventually pay for just about any type of service or product, through our affiliate stores around the globe.

See our affiliate Go Green Stores FAQs.

This overview is designed to help you understand how to maximize your opportunities so that you can build your future in a new and virtually unlimited manner. So, let’s get started with the basics!

What is a Fuel Credit (FC)?

GBOI Purchased or Earned FCs are digital assets that are GBOI member benefits exclusively and can be used to make virtually any type of transaction possible through our membership for large discounts and savings on products and services worldwide with our member affiliates.

The FC program was designed as a stable, US dollar for FC exchange asset to allow and encourage vast GBOI membership growth both of affiliate companies and individuals, but in a private manner.

Purchasing FCs monthly not only earns you large savings and bonuses, it also qualifies you to earn overrides on 8 levels of referrals. It also potentially qualifies you for shares in our GBOI REV Pool on a monthly basis. This is where significant residual income can potentially be generated

You can purchase FCs now and exchange them later for BPC, and at pre-launch pricing for new BOC series coins. This is a significant financial advantage and one of the major reasons why we encourage everyone to become a GBOI member today.

You can also purchase FCs in advance and hold them for one year in order to earn significant rewards. For example: for every 1000 FCs you purchase now, after 12 months, you will automatically be rewarded with an additional 300 FCs. During this hold period, you can convert them to Free FC status at any time and use them for discounts in our online Blue Oceans Store. Moreover, we will still issue you the additional 300 FCs after the one-year hold period.

Free FCs are received as bonuses and incentives, like the 100 Free FCs you receive as a reward for joining the GBOI Private Membership Association. These Free FCs work like rewards and loyalty points, only instead of being limited like airline miles programs, they can be used for significant discounts on anything purchased in our online Blue Oceans Store.

What are Global Blue Oceans Fuel Credits and Coins?

Global Blue Oceans International has three basic types of digital assets.

  1. Fuel Credits (FCs) that are either
    a.  Free or
    b.  Earned/Purchased.

  2. Blue Ocean Coins (BOCs) by series

  3. Blue Planet Coin (BPC)

money-2696219_1920 (1).jpg
BPC Coin BOC Coin

What is a Blue Oceans Coin 1 (BOC-1)?

The BOCs are our “Daughter Coin” digital asset cryptocurrencies that are 100% asset-backed by revenue generated from specific long-term GBOI projects. BOC-1 designates the first in the series of BOC coins, backed by the first GBOI project(s). A fixed allocation of project revenue results in a significant annual value increase, with guaranteed minimum annual returns of 30% over pre-launch pricing, and a guaranteed buyback option on each anniversary date. Couple these features with Term Life Insurance products, and they can potentially significantly outperform Whole Life, Variable Life, Annuity and other insurance products, even after taxes. Equity lines of credit can be used to leverage lower interest rates into high returns with BOCs.

These digital assets are designed to be superior to bonds, money market accounts, CDs, Treasury Bills, and other fixed return financial options. BOCs have higher minimum rewards, with the potential for much higher gains. They are flexible, penalty-free, and may grow to be worth many times their initial value projection, due to underlying project expansion possibilities.

Each numbered BOC (such as BOC-1) will have one or more projects associated with it, with the maximum coins issued matched to total projected revenue. All coins may not be issued initially, but the full revenue sharing allocation will always be deposited in a segregated trust account monthly. This means that each individual coin is always fully backed, issued or not. This means that if and when additional coins are issued, they have identical backing and value, and will be issued at market price. This is extremely important, as it ends the possibility of dilution for existing coin holders, permanently solving currency debasement and internal inflation concerns.

BOCs can be used as digital exchange assets internal or external to GBOI, anywhere they are accepted, for other assets, services, products and more. They can be traded on public exchanges like Coinbase, or any other crypto-for-crypto exchange where offered.

What is a Blue Planet Coin (BPC)?

The BPC is our “Mother Coin” digital asset cryptocurrency that is 100% asset-backed by a portion of the revenue generated from every GBOI project. BPCs are designed for growth and ever-increasing value, as more and more projects are initiated by GBOI and its industry affiliates. The whole world is going Green, and since our projects are using the key technologies to accomplish that, this is an almost unlimited upside opportunity.

This digital asset is designed to be GBOI’s premier reward option, as a “buy and hold” asset that naturally grows into an ever-larger profit position over time, regardless of when it was purchased. The BPC is diversified globally and across most industries, with project revenues from power production, water production, waste remediation of all types, infrastructure projects, new technology breakthroughs, and more. Being backed by a portion of revenue from the basic utility infrastructure of cites and industry worldwide, it offers more stability, diversity, and longevity than Real Estate, Mutual Funds, the DOW, or the S&P 500. It also offers a solid alternative to the risks tied to any one specific fund or stock market and provides a lucrative hedge against the inevitable fluctuations in global fiat currencies and commodities.

How do I buy Fuel Credits?
How do I buy Blue Ocean Coins (BOC) and Blue Planet Coins (BPC) on the GBOI website as a Member?

How do I buy Fuel Credits?

Simply become a GBOI Member. It is easy and quick, and you’re automatically set up with a Fuel Credit account just by becoming a Member. Plus, we give you 100 Free Fuel Credits as a signup bonus. As a Member, you can purchase Fuel Credits via credit/debit card, your bank account, or with some cryptos, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, G-Cash, and others (as these options become available).


How do I buy Blue Ocean Coins (BOC) and Blue Planet Coins (BPC) on the GBOI website as a Member?

Simply read and follow the tutorials available to you as a GBOI general member.

Additionally, we recommend that you set up an account with a public exchange, such as Coinbase, as this will provide even more options and flexibility. We will walk you through that process once you are a GBOI general member.  

Tutorial on how to sign up as a member in GBOI

For PDF download, please click here.

How do I buy Blue Ocean Coins and Blue Planet Coins on Coinbase?


If you read this guide from start to finish, you should be able to join GBOI and have a good understanding of who we are as a Private Membership Association, what our common goals are, the several opportunities that we have created for you, and how to use and benefit from our programs!

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