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We supply Carbon-free Fuel under contracted fuel purchase agreements, for negotiated terms to the Fuel Terminals and Distribution network.


Our pricing is on par with the fuels you are currently distributing. You can add our fuels to conventional fuels and provide your customers with products that meet emissions requirements or provide a stand-alone drop-in alternative.


Use Straight Or Blend

Tanks can be refilled with conventional fuel without issues if our fuel is not available. An onboard reserve tank, holding only Carbon-free Fuel, can be utilized to blend with conventional fuel so that you meet emission requirements at harbors that do not yet have our fuels available; therefore, preventing the need for scrubbers.



As the Shipping Industry blockchain leader, TradeLens has proven the efficacy of its platform. For that reason, we have created the GBOI blockchain platform to be complimentary for Carbon-free Fuel. We are looking forward to working together with them on the Blue Oceans Project. To learn more about TradeLens, click here.


If you are a local Port Authority, through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) or other applicable business arrangements, we can benefit local and national governments. If you are an energy importer, dependent and vulnerable to fuel market volatility, producing these Carbon-free Fuels in partnership with you enables your energy independence and self-sufficiency. You can even become Carbon-free Fuel exporters for us, creating more revenue for the local and national economies.


There is no retooling or retrofitting required in the supply chain or for the consumer. Integrating our Carbon-free Fuel is the simplest, safest, most cost-effective way to help you and your customers meet emission compliance regulation, both now and in the future.

For more information on how to become

one of our Distributors

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