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Enhance Your Portfolio with GEMs

GEM Financial is building the future

Interface with major currencies, digital assets and use anywhere Visa is accepted 


You can soon securely interface with the major currencies of the world, as well as digital assets, with a few easy clicks, and use them seamlessly for nearly any purchase where Visa is accepted. Our Global Exchange Management (GEM) System, GBOI’s proprietary blockchain, "operates at high speed, its 100% Green," and offers lower fees for transactions. These are just some of the benefits exclusively available to our private members.

Paying with a Phone

The Heart of the Matter

Our members pledge support to GBOI causes, and in return, they are rewarded with GEM Tokens of Appreciation. These Tokens are digital fractions of the timeless fine art assets backing them, with an additional wealth building feature.


A portion of the on-going revenue from a Go Green project, initiated by GBOI, is allocated to its respective Token as an art royalty. The Tokens “Appreciate” in value over time, both from the increased value of the art and associated accruing royalties. They are exchangeable amongst GBOI private members.    

How do I get GEM Tokens of Appreciation (GTAs)?

By becoming a GBOI Member, you are automatically set up with a GEM Rewards account with a $105 value in GEM Reward Points as a member sign-up bonus. Simply make a financial pledge in support of our Go Green cause, and we will add GTAs to your digital wallet.  

GBOI also gifts GTAs and GEM Reward Points for efforts made by members who help us increase our membership.

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