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Our Core Goals

  1. Carbon-free Fuel production for land, sea, and air use

  2. Helping Industries and Communities implement
    a. practical solutions to solve air, water, and soil pollution
    b. waste remediation processes that do not pollute
    c. clean sustainable production of food, water, energy, and infrastructure materials

Our Business Model is Cooperative

  1.    Vertical integration of key Go Green technologies, products, and services

  2.    Utilization of existing infrastructures where feasible

  3.    Collaboration with industry and community leaders


Our Marine / Industry Strategy

835 seaports around the world handle around 99% of the inland and shipping fuel supply. We can safely produce Carbon-free Fuel for the distribution terminals right from a ship in the port for about 700 of these locations and arrange for delivery to the others.


Our fuel production systems have a very small footprint with enormous volume output, and they do not create any harmful emission or waste byproduct.


Because our systems are engineered as modules that are built into 40-ft shipping containers, we can rapidly mass produce and safely deploy them to meet current and expansion needs.

Image by Sean O.

Our Community Self-sufficiency Strategy

One system delivering multiple solutions 


The amount of wastewater and sewage in each City typically can supply enough feedstock to create a Carbon-free Fuel supply for the City. This provides fuel for power production, water pumping and food production as well.


The municipal water can be produced from seawater, lake or river feedstock with additional Modules, while simultaneously generating ample power for the city, all without any brine discharge or harmful emission.


The Garbage (MSW) can be used as feedstock for a second-tier system that produces even more power, without creating any harmful emission or waste byproduct, enabling the City to supply the National Grid.


Carbon-free Fuel

Image by American Public Power Associati

Clean Power


Clean Water

Image by Hermes Rivera

No Waste

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