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Change Your Fuel

Change Your World

Image by Bill Oxford

Welcome to Global Blue Oceans International

We enable industries to reduce or eliminate pollution and waste, and we empower communities with the new technologies, products and services that they need to become and remain fully self-sufficient and sustainable.  

We are a group of people like you, who want real and practical solutions that quickly and permanently solve air, water and soil pollution issues globally, and provide effective solutions that support and enable sustainable infrastructure, food, water, and energy production. We have those solutions and are implementing them now!

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More Power

  • Higher Energy Content

  • Better Lubricity

  • Increased Efficiency

Go Further

  • Increased Range

  • Simpler Refueling

  • Longer Engine Life

  • Less Maintenance

Go Faster

  • Higher Performance

  • Pollution-free

  • No Regulation Issues

  • Drop-In Fuel

  • Directly Miscible

Go Safe

& Clean

  • Non-flammable

  • Non-explosive

  • Safe Handling

  • Safe Storage

  • Safe for Air

  • Safe for Water

  • Safe for Soil

Clean Water Video
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Our Carbon-free “drop-in” fuels are completely interchangeable and miscible substitutes for diesel, gasoline, and other fuels.


They do not require changes to engines, fuel systems or the fuel distribution network. The use of them cleans our air.

It’s Simple and Clean

Just Add and Go Green

Our Carbon-free fuels can completely replace or be added to fossil fuels. 

No changes to engines needed

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Community water video thumbnail.PNG

No Pollution

Zero Toxic Waste 

100% safe for the environment 

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Better Performance

Image by Bill Oxford

Better Value

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Better Life

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